Carta de Sahar Vardi, uma Shministit

Dear Isabel,

I am Sahar Vardi. I am 18 years old, a senior in high school in Israel. As you probably know, all Israelis must serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, starting right after our last year of high school. I and dozens of other students, on examining our values, International Law, and what we believe is best for Israel, refused to serve in the Occupied Territories and be a part of a mechanism that suppresses millions of Palestinians.
For our refusal, we were sentenced to jail. Some of us were held in solitary confinement. Sometimes we were not allowed even to brush our teeth or change our clothes.


Sahar Vardi
Adenda, 26 de Março
Esta cartas recebo-as através da organização Jewish Voice for Peace de que já aqui falei. Esta está aqui para lembrar aos mais esquecidos que as coisas não desaparecem só porque as não vemos.

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henedina said...

Liberdade, liberdade.
Mas o que é exactamente este post?