And now that you have just got to the end of these four volumes the thing I have to ask is, how you feel your heads? my own akes dismally as for your healths, I know, they are much better TrueShandeism, think what you will against it, opens the heart and lungs, and like all those affections which partake of its nature, it forces the blood and other vital fluids of the body to run freely thro' its channels, and makes the wheel of life run long and chearfully round.
Was I left like Sancho Pança, to chuse my kingdom, it should not be maritime or a kingdom of blacks to make a penny of no, it should be a kingdom of hearty laughing sub-jects: And as the bilious and more saturnine passions, by creating disorders in the blood and humours, have as bad an influence, I see, upon the body politick as body natural and as nothing but a habit of virtue can fully govern those passions, and subject them to reason I should add to my prayer that God would give my subjects grace to be as WISE as they were MERRY; and then should I be the happiest monarch, and they the happiest people under heaven.
And so, with this moral for the present, may it please your worships and you reverences, I take my leave of you till this time twelve-month, when (unless this vile cough kills me in the mean time) I'll have another pluck at your beards, and lay open a story to the world you little dream of.

F I N I S.

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